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Clarity Collaborations supports organizational leaders who recognize that creating positive, functioning relationships at work will improve organizational culture, processes, quality and results. Stress at work due to poor relationships is not inevitable. Clarity Collaborations can help you create the organizational culture you need to survive and thrive.

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Why are workplace inclusion and positive workplace relationships so important?

Almost one-quarter of employees have left a job to find a more inclusive organization. (DeHaas et al., 2017,

Today, leaders are expected not only to master traditional leadership skills like good communication, but to model inclusivity for all employees (Ryan Jenkins, June 12, 2018,

Research by inclusion expert Lisa Nishii finds that when leaders and work teams value and create inclusive workplaces, organizations are more creative, have better financial performance, and have lower turnover rates (Lisa Nishii, Cornell University.)


The Clarity Collaborations team uses planning, meeting facilitation, evaluation, team development and project management to foster collaboration and inclusion that results in positive change to how teams and organizations function. 



We offer two core inclusion services:

•360 feedback and coaching for leaders 

•structured conversations to improve employee relationships

We also lead evaluation, planning, team development and other projects to create organizational change.

We are also inviting interested organizations to participate in survey research on positive workplace relationships. Participation allows leaders to diagnose and improve how valued and included employees feel in their organization. This project is developing and we welcome partners to test our survey.



360 feedback and coaching for leaders uses in-depth interviews of colleagues, direct reports and top-level managers to provide feedback to leaders. The process is grounded in positive psychology and ensures that leader behavior can change through on ongoing process of feedback from interviewees after the 360 process is over. Feedback is used in coaching sessions.



I’m Jessica Shryack, founder of Clarity Collaborations. I believe that successful collaborative work depends on positive working relationships. I ground all of my organizational development projects in evidence, positive relationships, honest conversations and creating a shared commitment to improvement. I have expertise and certifications in multiple facets of organizational development: research and evaluation, quality process analysis, planning, training, intercultural development and 360 feedback. I am proud to call Minneapolis, Minnesota home.



These are some of the partners that I love working with. When you hire Clarity Collaborations, you have access to this amazing team of professionals who have deep background in organizational development, talent development, process improvement, training, equity and inclusion programming, coaching and more. In our work we all emphasize people development, systems thinking, learning and development, and continuous improvement.


Equity + inclusion training and program management. Event planning and production. Connecting people, ideas and programs to enhance, grow and improve equitable and inclusive processes, concepts, and projects in an authentic and strategic way is at the core of my strengths.


Dynamic higher education professional, speaker, workshop facilitator, mentor, U.S. Army veteran, and life coach.


Strengths-Based Burnout Coaching for Activists and Change-Makers.

Consultant · Career Coach · Leadership Coach · Human Resources Trainer · Training and Development Manager


Creatively capture evidence to measure organizational impact. Expert Living Room Conversations facilitator and trainer.


Lead and manage training and development, process improvement, team development and strategic planning projects.

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